Sorry! The Autism Empowerment Telesummit 2015 is now CLOSED! 
I am sorry you missed the 2015 Autism Empowerment Telesummit.
But... I am glad you are here!
I want to make sure you don't leave without the FREE gift I offered telesummit participants; "6 Rules for Boosting Your Child's Social Skills" guide.
In this free guide you will receive:
*A Step By Step Approach.  Learn exactly what you need to do to help your child develop social skills and cultivate friendships with more ease and success.
*Clear Action Steps. Each rule is followed by a clear 'action step'. This way, you know the WHAT and HOW in creating social success for your child. 
*Break Through Social Barriers.  Learn the common mistakes you most want to avoid so your child can finally  go from being 'socially stuck' to 'socially successful'.
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